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Registered Osteopath

Providing Osteopathy​, Cranial Osteopathy and Exercise Medicine in Surrey and surrounding areas.
Laleham * Staines * Ashford * Shepperton * Chertsey

Due to concerns about the spread of the Covid-19 virus I have decided to close the clinic from 18th March.

Please all take care in these difficult times. We will prevail if we look after each other.


Osteopathy and Exercise Medicine

Here at SportsOsteo the aim is to get you back on your way to recovery as soon as possible by treating the biomechanical issues that are causing your discomfort or reduced performance. Every patient has their own subtle biomechanical issues which are the cause of their symptoms so the key to your recovery is good diagnosis of your problem and then your own specific treatment plan. 
​Alan Burke is the Director of SportsOsteo and has over 20 years experience in successfully treating patients biomechanical issues.   ​



Using stretching and mobilising techniques as well as joint manipulating, an osteopath works with the body to create the perfect conditions to facilitate the healing process. Osteopathic treatment and rehabilitation advice will be personal to you and will aim to balance your bodies biomechanics to promote a speedy and safe recovery.

Osteopaths regularly treat conditions such as:

Arthritic pain

Circulatory problems 


Digestion problems 


Headache arising from the neck 

Joint pains 

Generalised aches and pains 


Migraine prevention 

Minor sports injuries 

Muscle spasms


Rheumatic pain

Running Machine

Sports Injury

Correct diagnosis of your injury is essential if you want to get back to training. The treatment plan will take into consideration your biomechanics and will include hands on treatment and an exercise protocol for you. 

 I have over 20 years of experience of treating sports people of all abilities including International professional athletes.

I also have the experience of having been an International standard athlete and understand the complexities of training and pressures sustained by the body.

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91 Ashford Rd, Staines TW18 1RX, UK